Solar energy

Business Model

Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model lets you pay only for the kWh consumed at a competitive price and under stable rates over time.

Free up your budget and invest it

in your business’ productive chain.

Review your energy consumption

in real time with our application.

Improve your company's

sustainability indicators.

Reduce the temperature

within your facilities.

Solar energy ideal for:


  • People concerned about leaving a better planet to future generations.
  • Homes with high energy consumption due to large infrastructure.
  • Residential units committed to preserving the environment.


  • Interested in developing green projects that contribute to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • With productive processes that present a significant demand for electricity.
  • Interested in being able to control the performance of the electricity rate in the long term.
  • Interested in innovation projects and technological development.
  • With large areas and interested in taking maximum advantage of this infrastructure.


  • Municipalities seeking to position themselves as green cities.
  • Cities that aim to be classified as innovative and pioneers in the use of alternative energies.
  • Shopping centers and free trade zones that want to be on the cutting edge of environmental issues.

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