Valle del Cauca



Celsia Solar Yumbo: It is the first solar farm in Colombia connected to the National Electrical Grid. This is how new sources of renewable energy, such as the sun, an abundant resource due to the country’s privileged geographic location, are incorporated in the country’s energy matrix. On Sunday, September 3, 2017, Celsia Solar Yumbo's startup of operations was reported to XM, the operator of the National Electrical Grid and administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market. The project is operated by Epsa, has an installed capacity of 9.8 MW and will generate nearly 16.5 GWh/year of energy, which is equal to the consumption of 8,000 homes. 35,000 solar panels were installed in its construction, along with 9 inverters, which transform direct current into alternating current.

Relevant Information

  • It will prevent the emission of 160,000 tons of CO2 for 25 years.
  • Its generation capacity is similar to the average consumption or demand of 8,000 families.
  • The farm was built on 18 hectares of area, which is equal to 16 professional soccer fields.
  • It was built on the site where Termoyumbo used to operate, on the former road between Cali and Yumbo in Valle del Cauca, which is a relevant factor because it means going from coal-based power production to renewable energy generation.