Total concentration on energy

Total concentration on energy

The company continues to make progress in strengthening its strategic focus, energy, advancing significantly in the electricity generation capacity expansion project and working on strengthening its existing businesses in this sector. This is why continues with the construction of Flores IV, expected to be operational in early 2011, and with the hydro central Hidromontañitas which commissioning is scheduled for the second half of 2011.

In late March 2010, Colener S.A.S. a subsidiary of Colinversiones, signed a preliminary agreement with Inversiones Argos S.A, to acquire 9,326,267 EPSA shares, which would increase its participation to 173,389,850 shares, representing 50.01 % stake in the company. This operation was completed on April 30th this year.

On April 26th, 2010, a stock split of the company was conducted (each share was divided by ten), by which it sought to have a nominal value reduction of it, increasing the number of shares in circulation, from 71.958.450 a 719.584.500.

Developing its strategic redirectioning process and targeting investments in the energy sector, Colinversiones signed a share sale agreement with New Continents Hotels Inc. and The Flagship Hotels Inc. for the sale of its direct and indirect participation, at the Hotel de Pereira S.A. and Medellin Hotels Promoter S.A. (Hotel Intercontinental Medellin and Hotel Las Lomas) operation which was executed on January, 12th, 2011.


A new competitor in the field is born.

A new competitor in the field is born.

By 2012, over 97% of the company's assets were concentrated in the energy sector. In addition, the company became one of the major players in the energy market in the country.

In that sense, the name "Compañía Colombiana de Inversiones", (Colinversiones), which was a great name choice at the time, didn't show the nature of the business and what the organization wanted to project any more.

Given this reality and in order to adopt a name that would better position the company as a distinguished player, leading and innovating in the energy sector and to achieve greater recognition among local and international investor community, the General Assembly of Shareholders approved the change of the company name to Celsia S.A. E.S.P.

For the selection of this name a rigorous process was made, in which several surveys and research mechanisms supported by renowned consultants were completed.

Celsia is excellence. That is the meaning of the word. It is a name that makes possible to transmit the corporate values ​​of the organization: Passion for service and teamwork, Creativity and entrepreneurship, Commitment aimed to outstanding results, Versatility and dynamism, Joy and warmth, Commitment to Sustainability.


Celsia takes a first step in its strategy for international growth

Celsia takes a first step in its strategy for international growth

Following authorization from its Board of Directors, Celsia signed an agreement with the Paris-based multinational company GDF SUEZ to acquire its thermoelectric, hydroelectric, and wind energy generation assets in Panama and Costa Rica, for a company value of USD 840 million.

The assets involved in this transaction increase the current energy generation capacity by 535 MW, 367 MW of which correspond to thermoelectric generation, and 118 MW to hydroelectric generation in Panama, as well as 50 MW of non-conventional renewable energy from the Guanacaste Wind Farm in Costa Rica. The organization thus reaches a total installed capacity of 2,312 MW (+30%), with an expected energy generation average of 8,113 GWh (+32%). 

With the acquisition of this 20% holding, Celsia becomes the second largest generator of electricity in Panama, and the fifth largest in Costa Rica. 

Additionally, the organization's first solar distributed generator, installed in the Frayle de Palmira residential complex, went into commercial operation on December 13, 2014. This generator has a peak capacity of 51.5 kilowatt (kWp), and is producing energy for the use of more than 400 families in this sector of Valle del Cauca. Furthermore, and within the new business unit of the company, EPSA's first commercial solar photo voltaic system began operations at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente in Cali, installed on the rooftops of the north and south parking garages of the University.

The company will also take important steps this year on the road to sustainability with it's adherence to the CEO Water Mandate, and it's acceptance as a member of the International Hydraulic Power Center. Both of these achievements are highly recognized and, according to specialized local media, they warrant it's admission into the group of the 20 most sustainable companies in Colombia.

2015 - 2016



The redefinition of the organization's strategy is decisive for the future. We look for superior results for the company, for the people and entities with whom we relate.

In 2015, after a work oriented by the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee, Celsia made a new strategic approach focused on the client.

Taking into account that asset management is today our core business, we have found new opportunities in the face of market needs, which are represented in the identification of three new businesses:

  • Cities-Sustainability
  • Business-Productivity
  • Homes-Well-being

We want to expand our customer base in the markets in which we have a presence today and penetrate new ones, with innovation in a preponderant place, to offer solutions tailored to the needs of our consumers.