If your projects are geared toward the development of cities or residential complexes, multi-purpose buildings, shopping centers, or free trade zones that require sustainable energy solutions that benefit the community in a sustainable manner and that offer developers benefits in terms of optimizing working capital, our cities segment offers a business model in which we make investments in assets, operation and maintenance.

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Solar Energy

  • Municipalities seeking to position themselves as green cities.
  • Cities that aim to be classified as innovative and pioneers in the use of alternative energies.
  • Shopping centers and free trade zones that want to be on the cutting edge of environmental issues.
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Backup Energy

  • Residential units seeking to guarantee the safety of their residents using surveillance cameras and where a power failure would threaten this commitment.
  • Residential units with multi-story buildings where elevators are needed all the time.
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Electricity Assets

  • Operators or builders of shopping centers, free trade zones and residential complexes that are under construction or standing and need to improve their facilities
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Cooling District

  • Municipalities and government entities with heavy air conditioning consumption.
  • Residential complexes with hospital facilities, offices, companies in the same location and heavy air conditioning consumers.
  • Free trade zones that bring together a group of companies under one roof that are heavy consumers of air conditioning.
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Efficient Lighting

  • Municipalities interested in improving lighting conditions in their main and access roads, while saving in energy consumption.
  • Shopping centers that want to maintain their access roads and hallways in excellent lighting conditions, and help retailers looking to better showcase their products, all while saving energy.
  • Free trade zones that want to improve lighting conditions in their internal and access roads and in their common areas with efficient systems.
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