Dear Supplier,

We enjoy making life easier at our organization. That is why we are providing you with  www.iproveedor.com where you can view purchase orders, entry sheets, registered invoices and proofs of payment,  along with the details of invoices paid and amounts withheld, if applicable, and  tax certificates.

Request your password for the visit at the following telephone numbers:

Cali: (2) 4850204 – 8921672

Bogotá: (1) 7469049

Medellin: (4) 6046759

Barranquilla: (5) 3857791

Pereira: (6) 3402175

Bucaramanga: (7) 6973558

Villavicencio: (8) 6833773

Business hours:

Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


E-mail: soporte@iproveedor.com

According to Decree 1951 / November 28, 2017 and as established in Articles 379, 380 and 391 of the Tax Code, the deadline to issue and publish the different withholding certificates is within the first fifteen (15) calendar days of the month, two-month period, four-month period or year in which the amounts were withheld.  

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