At Celsia, we revolutionize to evolve, that is why, as your energy advisors and strategic allies, we help you manage energy consumption in a more sustainable way for your company or project.

Renewable energy certificates, RECs, are a voluntary mechanism through which your company can demonstrate that an amount equal to its energy consumption was generated from renewable sources.

These certificates are independent of the physical delivery of energy, they can be acquired by any company or project in the country.

Beneficios de adquirir REC

Beneficios de adquirir REC

Image and positioning::

  • You can show that the same amount of energy you consumed came from renewable sources (hydro, solar, wind, among others)..
  • You’ll be seen as a company that supports and encourages electric power generation from renewable sources in the country: committed to climate change and sustainable development.

Support the environment::

  • You can use them to neutralize the quantification of the carbon footprint, based on Scope II, according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064 standard.

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At the end of the month and through the consumption registered in your energy bill, Celsia will redeem the certificates equivalent to the energy consumption (1 kWh = 1 REC) through the EcoGox digital platform and will send you the generated certificate to your e-mail address.

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