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Controlling reactive energy will help you avoid unpleasant surprises, an economic impact on your company’s finances and a poor operation of your equipment.


Did you know that power factor correction solutions can reduce your energy bill by 5 % to 10 %?

What is reactive energy and why is it penalized?

Reactive energy is a type of electrical energy absorbed from the grid (inductive reactive) or injected into the grid (capacitive reactive) by some electrical equipment that requires a magnetic field for its operation, such as motors, transformers, fluorescent lighting, elevators, etc.

This energy limits the distribution process, since it increases losses in the electrical networks during the journey from the generation source to the final customer; it is for this reason that excess consumption or injection of this type of energy is penalized.

Did you know that starting in 2021, the charge for this penalty will increase?

energía reactiva

What can you do to avoid a penalty?


There are three basic solutions that will help you correct the penalizable reactive energy. At Celsia, we guide you and finance to help you choose what best fits your needs:

  • Capacitor banks.
  • LC and LCL filters.
  • Active filters or dynamic reactive compensators.


Together, we’ll find a solution!

Let us do an on-site review to determine the point(s) to measure and help you take the necessary steps to avoid this penalty.

They revolutionized their facilities and are enjoying better energy

Fleischmann Foods S.A.

Minerales Prodeka S.A.S.

Coldesivos (Grupo TQ)

Pronavícola S.A.

Espumas Santafé

Marcegaglia Colombia S.A.S.

Ingenieros GF S.A.S.

Indusel S.A.S.

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