At Celsia, we believe that when you revolutionize energy, you help the world evolve, so we take advantage of solar radiation to generate electricity through photovoltaic panels that transform sunlight to achieve this. We have 139 projects in roofs and floors for our clients, in operation and installation, in Colombia and Central America, totaling 197.25 MWp, and with which we stopped emitting 157,367 tons of CO2 per year.

Energía Solar: Edificio Vida

Why solar energy?

Through Celsia solar energy, you will be able to develop sustainable projects and obtain savings in your energy bill, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the care of the planet.

Sun everywhere

If you have a commercial, industrial, logistics complex, free trade zone, residential unit, airport, or urban and real estate development project, at Celsia, we will help you revolutionize your energy.

Residential units

  • Who wish to save money and be more efficient in their common areas.
  • Committed to the environment.


Companies and urban developments

  • Companies and projects with high energy consumption that have an interest in having control of the energy tariff in the long term.
  • Seeking to develop innovation and technology projects.
  • Smart city type urban developments, these are green and innovative cities and responsible with the use of energy.
  • Seeking to develop sustainable and environmentally responsible projects.
  • With ample surfaces and who want to make the most of their spaces.
Energia Solar: Nacional de chocolates

Make the world a better a better place with solar energy!

Combustible fosiles energía solar

You reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Generate your own solar energy and save money

You have an unlimited renewable energy source.

Energía solar, calentamiento global

You use clean energy, which helps reducing global warming caused by greenhouse gases.

Generate your own solar energy and save money

You improve your company’s sustainability indicators.

In addition, through our PPA Model (Power Purchase Agreement) you can:

energia solar paneles solares

Free up cash flow to invest in your business.

Ahorra con energ;ia solar y paneles solares

Pay a more economical energy tariff than conventional energy.

energia solar, paneles solares mantenimiento

Forget about servicing the photovoltaic system equipment.

By revolutionizing your energy, we evolve the world together!

For this reason, thinking in the revolution of your business, we designed two models that fit your needs:

PPA Model

(Power Purchase Agreement)

We carry out all the investment, installation, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic system during the time agreed in the contract and you pay for the kWh consumed/generated at a rate that is stable over time and more economical than that of conventional electricity.

EPC Project Sales Model

(Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

You are the one who invests, that is to say, you purchase the solar photovoltaic system for a determined value and we commit ourselves to supply the necessary equipment, install it and put it into operation at the agreed place and time.

The sun comes out to energize those who want a cleaner planet

They bet on sustainability and are now generating solar energy:

Planta de Beneficio Pollos Bucanero

Located in Candelaria - Valle del Cauca

9.9 MWp rooftop project


Located in Cartagena - Bolívar

2.19 KWp solar farm project 

Compañía Nacional de Chocolates

Located in Rionegro - Antioquia

2.1 MWp rooftop project 

Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT)

Located in Palmira – Valle del Cauca

2.302MWp solar farm project granja 

Grupo Tecnoquímicas

Located in Valle del Cauca y Cauca

8.2 MWp solar floor/rooftop project


Located in Yumbo – Valle de Cauca

1 MWp rooftop project 

Opain Aeropuerto El Dorado

Located in Bogotá – Cundinamarca

2.8 MWp rooftop project 


Located in Yumbo – Valle del Cauca

10 MWp solar farm project

Arroz Diana

Located in Espinal - Tolima

10 MWp solar farm project

Mall Plaza Centro Comercial

Located in Cartagena – Bolívar

850 KWp rooftop project 

Centro de Convenciones de Cartagena de Indias

Located in Cartagena – Bolívar

444 kWp rooftop project 

Supermercados Olímpica

Located in Barranquilla – Atlántico

734 kWp rooftop project 

Universidad ICESI

Located in Cali – Valle del Cauca

356 kWp rooftop project 

Universidad Javeriana

Located in Cali – Valle del Cauca

703,28 KWp rooftop project 

Vida Centro Profesional Propiedad Horizontal

Located in Valle del Cauca

120,15 KWp rooftop project 

Esenttia Propilco

Located in Bolivar

322,66 KWp rooftop project 

Ladrillera Menlendez S.A

Located in Valle del Cauca

965,7 KWp solar floor project

Acesco - Pimsa

Located in Atlántico

10.000 KWp solar farm project 

Frigorifico Metropolitano Buga

Located in Buga - Valle del Cauca

867,24 KWp rooftop project 


Located in Valle del Cauca

10.000 KWp solar farm project 


Located in Valle del Cauca

20.000 KWp solar farm project 

Tecnofar TQ SAS 2 y 3 Grupo Tecnoquímicas

Located in Valle del Cauca

1.100,79 KWp rooftop project 

Tecnosur SA Grupo Tecnoquímicas

Located in Valle del Cauca

3.500 KWp solar floor project

Tecnofar PQ1 TQ SAS Grupo Tecnoquímicas

Located in Valle del Cauca

718,12 KWp rooftop project 

Fareva Villa Rica S.A.S.

Located in Villa Rica - Cauca

2.020 KWp solar floor project

Universidad Autónoma de Occidente

Located in Valle del Cauca

404,94 KWp rooftop project 

Instituto Para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca

Located in Valle del Cauca

113,4 KWp rooftop project 

Universidad Santo Tomas Floridablanca - Santander

Located in Bucaramanga

152,28 KWp rooftop project 

Universidad San Buenaventura de Cali

Located in Cali - Valle del Cauca

498 KWp solar floor project

Colegio Colombo Británico

Located in Medellín - Antioquia

55,48 KWp rooftop project 

Colegio Columbus School - EPC

Located in Medellín - Antioquia

108,3 KWp rooftop project 

Mercacentro 9

Located in Ibagué - Tolima

110 KWp rooftop project 

Centro Comercial Los Molinos

Locate in Medellín - Antioquia

531,47 KWp rooftop project 

Alberto Álvarez Inmobiliaria

Located in - Antioquia

69 KWp rooftop project 

Pollos El Bucanero

Located in Valle del Cauca

 10.000 KWp solar farm project 

Noel Galletas

Located in Medellín - Antioquia

316,09 KWp rooftop project 

Comité de Cafeteros

Located in Ibagué - Tolima

109,5 KWp rooftop project 


Located in Valle del Cauca

1.000 KWp solar farm project 


Located in Buga - Valle del Cauca

1.000 KWp solar farm project 

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