Backup energy

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By paying a fixed monthly fee for the service, you avoid an investment in assets that are not related to the nature of your own business.


Free up your budget and invest it

in your business’ productive chain.

Eliminate purchase,

maintenance, operation and warranties processes for power plants.

Protect your production

from external service suspension threats.

Avoid the need

for technical personnel specialized in energy backup systems and maintenance.

Backup energy ideal for:


  • Residential units seeking to guarantee the safety of their using surveillance cameras and where a power failure would threaten this commimtment.
  • Residential units with multi-story buildings where elevators are needed all the time.


  • With critical productive processes that are highly sensitive to a lack of electricity and require a backup system.
  • That experience problems in getting quality electricity, leading to repeated interruptions that affect their equipment, cause downtime, waste and loss of production.
  • With the need to expand or create a new production power plant infrastructure.


  • Shopping centers that want to ensure continuous comfort and service for their customers.
  • Hospitals, universities and all types of facilities that need to guarantee continuous energy service for their users.

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