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Asset management

We generate, transmit and sell efficient energy from renewable sources (water, sun and wind), with thermal backup in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras. We believe that a more sustainable world is possible.

Celsia Solar Yumbo, en el Valle del Cauca Celsia Solar Yumbo, en el Valle del Cauca. Colombia


Hydroelectric power generation is our main source of electric power generation and it represents 95 % of the energy matrix he rest is distributed in thermal, solar and wind power. Our 25 power plants and more than 584 solar projects located in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras have an installed capacity of 2,199 MW and generated more than 6.358 GWh  a mostly clean and renewable energy in 2021.

Learn about our management in the 2022 Integrated Report


Central hidroeléctrica Calima

Hydroeletric powr plants

Power generation with water can be done through reservoirs or by taking part of the flow from a river. This process does not produce toxic emissions and does not use fossil fuels, so this energy is considered clean and renewable. 

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Central Solar Bolivar, Santa Rosa de Lima

Thermal power plants

Thermal energy is needed to complement the renewable energy sources in our portfolio.  Thanks to this energy, Colombia and Panama have a reliable backup in the energy matrix of their countries.  

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Wind power plants

Wind power plants

Wind is an inexhaustible, non-polluting, low-cost source of energy and wind farms, where wind turbines, are concentrated, occupy little space and are compatible with agricultural activities. 

In Costa Rica, where we have our Guanacaste Wind Farm, this type of energy is the second most used source in the country. 

This is our wind farm.

Central Térmica Meriléctrica

Solar farms

The sun is also a clean and inexhaustible source of energy. And in Colombia, the history of solar energy began in 2017 when we started up the first large-scale solar farm: Celsia Solar Yumbo, which was connected to the National Electrical Grid. 

In Central America, we continue to grow and it is an increasingly attractive region to promote the use of non-conventional energy.

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Transmission and distribution

The energy transmission and distribution business in Valle and Tolima (Colombia) llows us to deliver energy to homes and businesses through the regional and national transmission systems. Phat is why, our daily challenge is to operate our electrical infrastructure with technology and efficiency, to improve the quality of service, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.

Transmission and distribution How do we bring the energy?

Through this process, we lower the voltage of the energy coming directly from the power plants, so that it can be used in homes and businesses.


Distribution networks transport energy with the best voltage and allow us to deliver energy directly to homes and businesses.

Learn about our management in our 2021 Integrated Report

En el Valle del Cauca y Tolima (Colombia) contamos con 183 subestaciones  y más de 46.000 km de redes de distribución. En esta infraestructura eléctrica hacemos permanente inversiones para mantener.

Learn about our management in our  Reporte Integrado 2022.

Redes que transportan buena energía en el Valle
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We bring energy to the homes of more than 1,2  million customers hus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of families and the competitiveness of companies that drive the development of the regions where we operate.

We also supply energy from our power plants in the long term through power purchase agreements and in the short term through the energy market.

Learn about everything we do for our customers in our 2022 Integrated Report.