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fuentes de energía renovables Calima Central hidroeléctrica Calima

What we do

We are the energy company of Grupo Argos, and we are passionate about renewable energies and energy efficiency. We generate and transmit efficient energy from renewable sources with thermal backup.
We have found new ways to help our customers get their home, business or urban project connected and enjoy all the advantages of the new era for energy.

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Business in figures

energia celsia
Costa Rica





  • Celsia Solar Yumbo starts up operations (Valle del Cauca, Colombia), the first large-scale wind farm in the country with 9.9 MW.



  • The administrative integration of Celsia and Epsa’s operations.
  • The Cucuana (Tolima) and Bajo Tuluá (Valle del Cauca) power plants start up operations.



  • In order to adopt a name that would allow positioning the company better as a differentiated player, leader and innovator in the energy sector and reach more widespread recognition in the local and international investing community, the name was changed to Colinversiones por Celsia S.A. E.S.P.


  • The acquisition of 50 % of Epsa (Empresa de Energía del Pacífico).
  • The transmission, distribution and sales business begins operating in Valle del Cauca.


  • As Colinversiones, they focused on investments in the energy sector by purchasing Termoflores (Zona Franca), the Meriléctrica Thermal Power Plant and the Río Piedras SHPP.
Cultura Celsia

Celsia Culture

It is to experience the pillars of culture with passion to overcome limitations and have a positive impact on all our stakeholders, so that we achieve results and ensure the sustainability of the organization.

The most important thing is to strengthen our capacity to be agents of change to transform the world.

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Celsia Solar Bolívar entrega energía limpia a más de 8.000 familias Celsia Solar Bolívar delivers clean energy to more than 8,000 families.


We interpret sustainability as the change in order to grow and endure over time. We anticipate risks in an innovative manner, turning them into opportunities for profitable, respectful and responsible growth for our customers and stakeholders.
We are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of the industry and create value.
We are doing business and building a new country. Our energy moves families and businesses, and supports many initiatives that are building a better society.

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Programas de lenguaje con alumnos de primaria Language programs with elementary school students.


We lead programs to contribute to the well-being of the communities where the company is operating by strengthening the teaching skills of teachers in the classroom, focusing on areas such as mathematics, language, environmental education, and civic and socio-emotional competencies, together with improving school energy and water infrastructure.

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Gobierno corporativo Sede Celsia en Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

Corporate Governance

Nuestros estándares de gobierno corporativo nos permiten fortalecer y asegurar el balance de la gestión de cada órgano de administración, We have a clear governance system, with defined controls (control architecture) and a commitment to timely disclose sufficient information, which contribute to the mitigation of reputational risks, generating confidence in our stakeholders and enabling access to new businesses, markets and customers.

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Mantenimiento de Redes Network Maintenance


In the Supply Chain, we are committed to strengthening our operating model to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions.
We value the influence of our decisions to minimize the organization's risks and make the Sustainability Policy part of our value promise.

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