16 · 06 · 2022

We are connecting three of the country’s important cities with aan electric vehicle station corridor

We are connecting three of the country’s important cities with aan electric vehicle station corridor

environment and promotes sustainable mobility in the country. For this reason, we are launching charge station infrastructure for electric vehicles, that require fast chargers in public spaces.

This is how our great commitment to developing an electric vehicle charging station corridor especially for buses and trucks that will connect three of the country’s important cities was born.

Recently, our head of electric mobility, Fernando Vélez, was interviewed at the Mobility Portal, one of the country’s most important digital media, and there he spoke about our initiative and in general about Celsia’s commitment to sustainable mobility with electric vehicle charging stations. Here are some of his comments:

  • The idea is to reinforce the Buenaventura, Cali and Bogotá route, one of the main entrance routes to the country for electric buses and trucks. Working together with Renting Colombia, we are analyzing a situation that allows us to mobilize them from the port or from the car bodywork factories in Pereira, in the case of buses, analyzing the best locations, considering distances between chargers and the autonomy of vehicles.

Estacion de carga la tebaida

  • We are evaluating the continuation of the corridor towards Medellín, to allow for the availability of fast charging for cars and trucks, because now, more than ever, cities require replacement of vehicle parking, by environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • We are not alone in these fast charging initiatives. In partnership with Renting Colombia, we are joined by important companies such as Bavaria and Postobón, together with others who see urban goods transport as a starting point to transform their fuel vehicles to electric ones.
  • Regarding recharging light vehicles, at Celsia we have solutions suitable for service stations, hotels, malls, colleges, hospitals, etc. To select the sites, we must analyze the compatibility of spaces with the times that users spend carrying out certain activities that allows them to take advantage to charge their activities.
  • Spaces for buses and trucks must be bigger and require certain characteristics.  They must have electronic payment methods, areas that provide food and rest on highways where drivers can access certain services for 30 minutes or more of recharging time.

Buses electricos


  • In this regard, there are different business models. At Celsia, we offer tailored solutions for key-in-hand electric patios, and possibilities of charging as a service, where, on the one hand there is investment in infrastructure, and on the other hand, comprehensive service contracts are signed. We want to support this movement with charging solutions and systems monitoring platforms.

We will continue revolutionizing energy to promote the economic sectors that wish to migrate towards sustainable electric mobility with charging stations and that impacts the quality of life of people, reducing CO2 emissions and adapting to all of the country’s production sectors. It is for this reason that Celsia ensures that the decarbonization process in Colombia is a reality and we are here to accompany this change.

Find out more about our charging stations with Celsia.



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