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  • Our Purpose

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    Breidy, Jeremy and Oscar try out their new school cafeteria with Superenérgico. Manuela Beltrán school building, Obando, Valle del Cauca.


    Celsia Colombia Foundation contribute to Colombia social development by strengthening the quality of education in the communities where the organization is operating. To do so, it works on a management model that integrates school improvement in terms of electricity and water, and the strengthening of skills for teaching mathematics, language arts, environmental education and other actions for strenthening academic capacities.

    The foundation also supports the Conecta corporate volunteer program that brings together the employees of Celsia, Grupo Argos, Argos and Odinsa. Based on this business initiative, we inspire, transform and make the communities’ dreams come true by transferring knowledge, executing our reforestation programs and improving educational infrastructure.

  • Management Model

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    Bearing in mind that receiving a comprehensive, quality education allows people to have greater and better opportunities to be part of society and successfully face the challenges involved, the Foundations’ management model is intended to:
    • Minimize the health risks for the educational community due to the lack of water and sanitation, or due to electrical hazards.
    • Create conditions for children to stay in school by providing access to electricity, water and sanitation.
    • Encourage the dedication of teachers and school administrators to their goal of educating, by reducing concerns regarding how to address issues related to supplies (electricity and water).
    • Provide the technical conditions required for school cafeterias that will allow access to the government’s school feeding programs.
    • Encourage the construction of a pleasant, decent school environment for the educational community.
    • Support teachers’ planning processes in order for them to articulate the different curricular guidelines, basic standards and teaching tools in their classroom proposals.
    • Focus teachers’ efforts on developing students’ skills, going beyond the level of just learning concepts.
    • Encourage behavioral changes in the educational community regarding the protection of natural resources, with the intention of establishing an environmental culture.
  • Geographical Presence


  • Our good energy transforms lives

  • Program Description


    Under the leadership of Fundación Grupo Argos (our parent company’s foundation), the education program aims to provide the educational community with installed capacity for a sustainable environmental culture in the institutions where it is developed.


    A five-year partnership with Universidad del Valle comes to an end, which worked to empower teaching practices, fostering improved mathematical thinking among children and young people in Valle del Cauca.

    Main achievements:

    • 116 schools, 227 teachers, 17,599 students and seven municipalities benefited
    • 140 classroom proposals to implement with teaching practices
    • Attendance of 28 teachers at national and international events on mathematical education
    • 34 educational institutions with action plans designed and implemented to improve teaching practices


    Language Arts program: We provide the theoretical and methodological tools for teachers aimed at strengthening their students’ communicative skills in reading, writing and speaking


    We took on a new challenge to keep empowering the training of teachers and strengthening their teaching practices by bringing together communication skills (reading, writing and speaking) and mathematics (problem-solving approach) as essential components of quality.


    We contribute to the creation of more favorable, healthy and safe teaching environments for learning by making improvements in terms of electricity grids, kitchens, restrooms, cafeterias, ceilings, green areas, installation of water filters and the painting of walls or facades in schools located in the Company’s areas of influence.


  • Important Figures


    The Conecta corporate volunteering initiative, led by Fundación Grupo Argos for all its affiliates, carried out a total of 116 activities in Colombia and other countries in 2019, with the participation of 1,995 volunteers and 45,272 beneficiaries in all its areas of influence. The following main activities stand out: reforestation sessions, cleaning of streams and beaches, improvement of school infrastructure, innovation competitions, preparation of teaching material and transfer of knowledge.

    Through its volunteers, Celsia had a total participation of 1,906 hours, of which 487 were working hours, requiring an investment of COP 15,573,057 by the Company. Celsia Centroamérica had a total participation of 852 hours, of which 402 were working hours, requiring an investment of USD 484.80.

  • Our work team

    Board of Directors

    • Ricardo Sierra
    • Santiago Arango
    • Camilo Abello
    • Ana Mercedes Villegas

    Foundation Leader

    • Luz María Gallo


    • Diana Marcela Escobar
    • Luz Marina Gómez
    • Roberto Carlos F. Gómez


    • Viviana Marcela García
  • Our Partners

    Educational quality programs

    Alcaldías y gobernaciones de las zonas de influencia

    Alianza Empresarial de Yumbo (Yumbo Business Partnership)

    • Fundación Smurfit Kappa Colombia
    • Smurfit Kappa Colombia
    • Fundación PROPAL
    • Cementos Argos S.A
    • Gases de Occidente S.A. E.S.P.
    • FEDY

    Alianzas con Vos (Partnerships with You)

    • Universidad de Medellín
    • Colegio Cumbres
    • Alcaldía de Medellín
    • Proantioquia
    • Colegio José Celestino Mutis

    Tuluá cómo Vamos (Tuluá How Are We Doing?)

    • Fundación Corona
    • Cámara de Comercio de Tuluá
    • Fundación Educativa Guillermo Ponce de León
    • Unidad Central del valle del Cauca – UCEVA
    • Nutrium SAS
    • Supercentro Tuluá la 14 Propiedad Horizontal
    • Asociación de Jóvenes Progresistas
    • Sercofun Tuluá Ltda.
    • Inversiones Tuluá SAS
    • Centro Comercial La Herradura
    • Calero & González Consultores SAS

    Matemáticas (Mathematics)

    • Universidad del Valle

    AFE joint Project

    • F. Aurelio Llano Posada
    • F. Bancolombia
    • F. Bolivar Davivienda
    • F. Corbanacol
    • F. Dividendo por Colombia
    • F. Haceb
    • F. Familia
    • F. Fraternidad Medellín
    • F. Grupo Bios
    • F. Pintuco
    • F. Uniban
    • F. Saldarriaga concha
    • Proantioquia
    • F. Conconcreto
    • F. EPM
    • F. Éxito
    • Celsia

    Partnership to strengthen the implementation of the Programa Todos a Aprender (Everyone Learning Program) in Valle del Cauca and Cauca

    • ProPacífico
    • Fundación Carvajal
    • Fundación Mayagüez
    • Incauca
    • Comfandi
    • Fundación Educativa Guillermo Ponce de León
    • Fundación Sociedad Portuaria de Buenaventura
    • Fundación Caicedo González
    • Tecnoquímicas
    • Empresarios por la Educación
    • Fundación Gases de Occidente
    • Fundación Smurfit Kappa
    • Manuelita
    • Banco W

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