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Companies compete with products, business models and market strategies. And although these tools have some effect, what really makes a difference by far is what is inside each company: its culture.

So what is good energy?

It is to experience the pillars of culture with passion to overcome limitations and have a positive impact on all our stakeholders, so that we achieve results and ensure the sustainability of the organization. The most important thing is to strengthen our capacity to be agents of change to transform the world.

These are our pillars of culture

1. We give our best to grow together

  • We are integral beings; safety is paramount in playing our role.
  • We take on challenges and we like to achieve them through work cells.
  • Yes, we like to do things differently and in a collaborative manner, we get together with experts depending on the challenge, we share leadership, we step out of the comfort zone to learn about customers and the market, we deliver results measured in terms of weeks, not months, let alone years. And that is how we managed to enter a new market: Celsia Internet

2. We dare to be different

  • We have modern facilities that allow for collaborative work and conversation. 
  • Our Control Center in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, is the most modern one in America. 
  • We were the pioneers in solar farms. Our business is oriented towards renewable energy and electric mobility.
  • We have a clear orientation towards diversity and inclusion and, thanks to them, we were granted the Equipares Silver Seal.

3. We are agile and reliable

  • Did you know that we used to have 1,799 forms and now we only have 456? We have reduced them by 75 % and we are delighted to be going through this digitization process. 
  •  We have also implemented mechanisms to strengthen customer-focused components of the Celsia Culture on the teams of our partners to ensure a memorable experience.

4. We enjoy making life easier

  • At Celsia, we enjoy working, which is why productivity is higher. 
  • We celebrate our Día Naranja (Orange Day), a day where we have fun and let creativity be the task of the day. 
  • Being part of the company is a decision we make and we work with a passion.
  • We also keep our customers in mind and that is why we designed Escuela Naranja (Orange School), a free platform for their professional and personal development

This is what José Perdomo has to say about it #TrabajarEnCelsiaEsGenial

Our Human talent model



We are known for transforming the energy business and therefore, we are working on leveraging our strategic objectives through a disruptive culture that has become our competitive advantage.

"Electric" engine of transformation

Together with our leaders, we are building a flexible, empowered organization that delivers value to its employees and customers, making them Celsia fans.

And so we did it


  • We have a consistent leadership style.
  • We promote digital leadership as a strategy for technological evolution and capacity building. 
  • We promote high performance teams to enhance technical and soft skills.
  • We are drivers of change.
  • We have empowered teams.


  • We encourage motivation for self-development.
  • We provide the necessary tools to strengthen capacities. 
  • We promote competitiveness and the personal and professional growth of our employees.
  • We promote habits for the balance between body, mind and emotion.


  • We aim to be at the forefront of trends according to our strategic needs. 
  • We develop guidelines for action frameworks based on human talent. 
  • We execute projects for leveraging our strategy.
  • We strengthen flexible organizational structures that facilitate collaborative work.


  • We transform the organization for the benefit of our employees, partners, customers and families.
  • We strengthen the culture of self-care and the behaviors of our pillars in order to transcend.
  • We maintain a conducive, healthy, pleasant and differentiating environment that ensures the well-being of people and their commitment.
  • We are the source for the generation of value, impact and innovation.

“At Celsia, we know that we are on a journey, that our culture must be flexible and thanks to this, we will continue to collect ideas”