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At Celsia, we design and implement customized energy efficiency solutions with a comprehensive vision of your processes and flexible business models.

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Cooling district

We revolutionize air conditioning solutions so urban and business projects can evolve.

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Steam and fuel systems

At Celsia we understand the importance of having a reliable, autonomous and efficient energy supply for your production processes.

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Efficient compressed air

 We evaluate your current compressed air system for potential optimization.

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Climate control, air conditioning and refrigeration

At Celsia, we understand that cold production is a key requirement for you to carry out your processes.

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Efficient pumping

We take the efficiency of your pumping systems to another level, in order for you to save energy and improve the reliability of your processes.

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Efficient consumption

With Celsia, you can save money on your electricity bill by monitoring and controlling your usage.

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Monitor and manage your energy

Through data science techniques, we identify opportunities to make your production process more efficient.

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Regulatory advice

We put at your disposal our knowledge on regulatory issues of the electricity market to find the best alternative for your company.

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