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At Celsia, we understand that cold production is a key requirement for you to carry out your processes. We want you to focus all your energy on your business and your customers while we help you to maintain the comfort and quality of your product and keep you from “overheating” by thinking about your energy consumption.

How do we do it?

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With your help we understand the strengths and weaknesses of your processes to develop customized engineering solutions, support you in the migration to new technologies that benefit your efficiency and integrate your cooling systems with control equipment focused on energy management.
How do we do it?

Growth forecasts

  • We promote orderly growth at your facility by implementing centralized systems with controlled capacity.
  • We optimize your machine room spaces.
  • We guarantee the applicability of your installation with the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • We manage the maintenance of your new systems to guarantee an efficient, fast and reliable cooling service.

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