Efficient lighting

We will replace your lighting system with a more efficient LED set-up. This will generate savings and contribute to caring for the environment.

Business model

Pay a monthly fee for the service over a set period and take advantage of energy consumption savings.

Free up your budget and invest

it in your business´ productive chain.This way, yo save in lighting consumption

Eliminate the purchase process,

maintenance and replacement of lights


your company's sustainability indicators.

Enjoy better quality lighting

than traditional systems.


Residential units that wish to offer their residents savings in electricity consumption and the best lighting conditions in hallways, common areas, parking lots, etc.


Interested in technological development projects that generate benefits and savings in electricity consumption and contribute to sustainability indicators. Interested in developing green projects that contribute to sustainability with the use of LED technology.


Municipalities interested in improving lighting conditions in their main and access roads, while saving in energy consumption. Shopping centers that want to maintain their access roads and hallways in excellent lighting conditions, and help retailers looking to better showcase their products, all while saving energy Free trade zones that want to improve lighting conditions in their internal and access roads and in their common areas with efficient systems.

Contact us

Customer service hotline: 018000112115
Email: servicioalcliente@celsia.com

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