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The builders of the future don’t build houses, they revolutionize homes!

Their designs are based on electricity with implementation costs that are 9 % and 12 % cheaper for homes and apartments, respectively.

We are with you

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EAt Celsia, we work with you to design comprehensive sustainable projects for new housing, with the supply and installation of efficient technology, substituting gas for electricity and using renewable sources in its generation.
We are with you

Why should you design homes based on electricity?

Advantages for the builder

  • You have lower costs for gas piping, ventilation systems and exhaust ducts.
  • You can count on an easier installation process and Celsia’s guarantee.
  • You can better optimize living spaces.

Advantages for your customers

  • Electricity is a lot safer than gas.
  • Health for the entire family.
  • Appliances have modern designs with a technology that provides comfort.
  • The equipment is highly efficient, resulting in faster operation and giving people more time.
  • It does not require periodic technical revisions nor its associated costs.

Revolutionize construction so your projects can evolve!

We assess, deliver, install and finance the electrical equipment for the homes of the future:


Induction covers.


Electric heaters.


Residential electrical installations.


Photovoltaic solar systems.

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