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At Celsia, we are aware that thermal energy is critical to your process and is also part of our energy revolution. We want to help you increase the efficiency of this asset and reduce its environmental impact.

The extra mile: worry about producing more and better; we offer you the steam you need; always efficient, always available.

How do we do it?

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We understand and measure the dynamics of thermal energy consumption to diagnose the combustion and condition of your boilers and furnaces.
How do we do it?

What can we achieve together?

  • Improve burner control and technology to make your operation more efficient and reduce pollutant gas emissions.
  • Implement monitoring and control systems based on pollutant gas emissions.
  • Improve the water treatment and condensate return system..
  • Implement waste heat recovery actions for preheating air, water and heat pumps.
  • Redesign and completely renovate the boiler room.

Do you plan to decarbonize your process? We can help you, and together, contribute to a better environment.

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