Regulated market: Aimed at residential clients, MSME and retail stores, using rates published and approved by regulatory agencies.

Aimed at companies and cities consuming more than 55 MWh per month, or requiring 0.1 MW of voltage and looking for reliability and stability in their service, and productivity and competitiveness in their processes, with personalized support from energy experts 24/7..

Personalized service channels 24/7.

Complimentary energy products and services financed through periodic invoices

Technical knowledge and expertise

Vertical integration in energy generation, sales, transmission and distribution.

Conventional energy ideal for:


Municipalities interested in high-quality energy service with support and competitive prices to supply electricity to public lighting and official institutions.

Campuses, shopping centers, logistics and industrial parks and free trade zones aiming to improve their competitiveness and complement their electricity supply with alternative energy sources and energy-efficient projects, anywhere in the country.


Interested in quality-energy service for their productive processes and/or services.

Needing a strategic partner with experience and financial capacity, that provides personalized attention to resolve their energy needs.


Construction companies that develop closed or open urbanization projects and that need network expansion without investment.

Residential units interested in receiving personalized attention and wanting to implement energy efficiency programs.

MSME: Small and medium-sized companies interested in receiving personalized attention that allows them to implement energy efficiency programs, with reliable, continuous service.

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