Associated companies

Associated companies

Grupo Argos S.A. has a shareholding of 52,93% of the subscribed and paid capital of Celsia, configuring, under the terms of Article 26 of Law 222 of 1995, a situation of control over this and the companies in which they have a shareholding exceding 50% of the subscribed and paid capital. This control situation is duly registered in the commercial register. Grupo Argos S.A. conducts its business through a number of subordinated companies that allow it to the accomplish of its MEGA.


Celsia is part of Grupo Argos. To consult the information of Grupo Argos click here

Subsidiary companies that are part of the business group can be consulted by clicking here.




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018000 112 115

Transparency Hotline

Colombia: 018000123420
Costa Rica: 40001941
Panamá: 008002262591 y (507) 8327907
Honduras: 800 27919131

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